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Conor Lynch

Self Makers

Conor Lynch

Welcome to Self Makers

Be your own business - together let's achieve self-made success.


Self Makers is for those who want more from their career or business.
We are an essential companion for solopreneurs, freelancers, contractors or side hustlers looking to accelerate their careers. Although based in Ireland, we are helping our global community.

At Self Makers, our mission is to help you to be your own business. We want to help you take control of your career, increase your earnings, and realise your potential. We create personalised products and services, all designed to enable the self-employed to achieve self-made success.


Conor Lynch spent his career turning passion projects into profitable businesses. He has been an employee, self-employed, and an employer so he knows from experience how difficult it is to succeed on your own. However, he made it happen and now he wants you to make it happen too.
Conor has created programmes, toolkits, workbooks, workshops and community events, all designed to help you succeed.

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